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We have analyzed billions of breaths from hundreds of patients to develop Deep Breath

Remote monitoring and AI-based decision support system for ICU

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Deep Breath processes in real time data from PDMS and/or ventilators and detects early signs of complications


AI algorithms predict the possible development of pneumonia, sepsis, ARDS or barotrauma


Considering the whole clinical picture AI-models provide explainable and trustworthy recommendations to optimise treatment

Enhances traditional ventilation

For clinics

We provide a free test period for clinics to test performance of our software. Starting with the first month, hospitals reduce costs in the ICU and improve patients' well-being.

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For scientists and researchers

To develop Deep Breath we created a system for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing breath curves data. Now we can share our Analytics module of Deep Breath with you.

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For medical device manufacturers

Deep Breath can be integrated with different ventilators and other medical devices such as BGE analysers. It will make devices smarter, provide additional value for clinicians and help collect data for clinical validation.

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